I was able to steal several hours last Sunday to eat out with a long lost friend, it took us quite sometime to decide which restaurant to settle to, since she’s on a strict dietary schedule because of her health condition and from time to time take some protein supplements to augment her nutritional needs, I promised not to write anything about her and her health condition here, but wishing all the best of health for my friend. After some chatting and laughing over, Oh! I can’t take this, lettuce leaves, carrot julliene, croutons and vinaigrette and more stuff like that, I finally begged that we would head home. When we get to their house I was greeted by her sister couching watching Julie and Julia, I was dying to watch this movie in the big screen but opportunity really didn’t warrant during the time it was running, and without knowing, we finished the movie over two large Korn Kettle.

If you are a cooking buff you should watch this movie, it’s a comedy-drama film that follows the life of Julia Child an American transplanted in Paris who tagged along with his diplomat husband, and find life so boring and eventually found her niche in French Cooking, and fast forward, contrasting her life is Julie Powell, a middle class struggling employee that aspires to cook all the 524 recipes from Child’s cookbook in one year, and published her cooking developments in her blog.

I was very curious if the said book of Julia Child really exist, so I checked on the local bookstore if it’s on the shelf, and Lo! And Behold! It’s a whopping P2, 000.00 something. Just then I decided to drop my interest in French Cooking, and maybe just be one of those who will just sit and look through the ala carte menu and order Coq au vin or rooster in wine. God! A godfather of mine, who works as a Chef in Pearl Farm here, cooks this beyond belief)

Thanks for reading see you again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. I haven't seen this movie. I think I have to Google it. Thanks for the tip sis :D

  2. Hi Mrs. Kolca, you should because you are a cooking buff... It's great!

  3. I've watched this and I liked it very much! kahit na hindi ako magaling magluto, mahilig pa rin ako magluto :-)

  4. I have seen the movie and enjoyed it. They have the books on Ebay too...Christine

  5. Check out my profile and you will see I included this movie in one of my favorites. It's not because I love to cook (yes, I do) but because it's the first movie featuring a blogger and I love both Julie and Julia's marriage stories. If Julie learned a lot from Julia's secrets in making her marriage work, I have tried to pick up both theirs.
    Thanks for sharing this, sis, naunahan mo ako wahaha! Sequel din ako? Ibang angle lang pero saka na if may time kc dito na mga chikiting ang saya-saya.

  6. @ Dinah... true... di ba nice story ... heheh Thanks Dins for dropping by ..

  7. @ Xinex, thanks for the dropping by ... but their book is very expensive .... LOL!

  8. @ Nice A, hi sistah! I really enjoyed this movie, nice to know its you fave. Wow nandiyan pala mga kids mu bakasyon, di ba delikado diyan?

  9. Great movie and great book, I enjoyed both.


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