I stand by my hotel room veranda, seeing the bleeding sun streaked in dark pinkish cloud setting at the farthest horizon. I sip my coffee, with the soft breeze played my hair purifying all the reservations that enfold my mind. Then, swiftly a familiar feeling nudge me to head to the dining hall where sumptuous cuisine was prepared from the freshest and finest ingredients, after the hearty meal I feel it’s just right to work all those calories out, what can be more fitting than putting my golf shoes on and hand my clubs to the greenest and perfectly manicured fairway, I tee-off my first ball, but I cannot find where it land, then suddenly I was feeling dizzy I sense the ball tumble on my head, that’s when I woke up and realized I was dreaming.

The paradise I’ve been through will not just linger a dream Breezes Resorts offer the best vacation package deals to have this dream come true. Seeing the sun setting at the horizon and dipping at the turquoise waters and many more comes in an all inclusive deals that are just perfect for your budget and lifestyle. So how would you like to get on a vacation in a breeze in an all inclusive holidays at the Breeze Resorts, and experience a paradise beyond belief on Earth.


  1. Hi Vernz, saan itong Breeze resort?

  2. Wow, Vernz, I almost felt like you were really there until you woke up. Good writing!


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