I’m not really a Wowowee fanatic but I watch this show. Who would have not known Willie and Wowowee; you could not be living in this islands-nation if you have not danced the ‘giling-giling’.

They’ve been to Davao some years ago, they had their show at the PTA grounds, I’m not telling you some crap here, but believe me busses and busses of people from all walks of life from the provinces around Davao City came to watch the show braving the scorching sun, expectedly, scenes like old woman fainting, mothers losing their children were just few of the incidents that happen, not to mention some cases of snatching.

Years later Wowowee came to Davao again. I remember our ‘kasambahay’ was so insistent and I was so curious too, so we drove her to AGRO where the show was held. According to the authorities here some 100th people came to watch, but call it fortunate, it rained cats and dogs, causing them to call the show off, causing also my help to leave for a week as she contracted pneumonia.

A year after, Willie again announced another stint to Davao as he wanted to make it up to his fans here because of what happened. (Villar’s campaign sortie along with Wowowee is beside the point that would be another story).

April 17 was Wowowee’s scheduled show at the AGRO again. Call it fortunate or unfortunate, it rained again. It was already drizzling when we were having grilled chicken at 'Mang Manok' for dinner, but it poured even more when we left the resto.

The ‘ismo’ me told my husband to take a side trip at Sandawa Rd. towards the AGRO grounds where Wowowee is having a show. We were just driving so slow because of the heavy rain, when we took the left turn towards Bolton Bridge, Damn Right! It was a bumper to bumper ride but it was still moving.

I’ve seen Wowowee having provincial shows only on television, and I’ve seen also sea of humanity in some other occasions related to this, but it was only last night that I have seen sea of people dared the heavy rain just to see the ‘kembot girls’ wiggle.

Apologies for not having some photos, it was really raining hard, I know it would be more grand having some photos here, but I don’t find it practical risking my gadget and my safety. Sorry guys. I know there would be lots of videos that will be uploaded in YouTube soon.

But I often ask myself this, what so wow about Wowowee? (Lucky Villar he got on the right show) (Wowowee logo appearing is a registered TM)


  1. hehehe, too bad di kinuha ni noynoy ang wowowwee heheheh

  2. if you want to torture me, have me watch that show without any means of escape :-)

  3. Cguro pang Eat Bulaga lng friendship ang

    Anyways, ano sabi mo my msg me sa YM haven't received when I open this morning...waah

  4. My wife used to watch the show here in California in our Pinoy Channel subscription. For some reason, she stopped. Thank God, I can not stand his sqeaking voice. Once in a while I would glance at the dancing girls. But I got tired after a few months, I am indeed growing old! Cheers!

  5. waaaaa...bahala ug mag bagyo basta naa wowoowee...eheheh.....I watch it on TFC....:)

  6. Like my friend David Katague, my wife also watched Willie every night back in the States through our DirecTV satellite. Now she rarely watches it now that we live in the Philippines.

    I'm with David, I quickly tired of it, but would indeed check out the dancing girls from time to time, also.


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