Finally after being a stage mom, staging a mom or whatever you may call the odd jobs I’ve been through these past few days in preparation for my son’s recital they finally they did it with a loud applause. That was a relief; I’ll be coming up with a separate story for that.

Meantime, along with my stint here and there last week searching for their costume accessory the personal shopper got tired and hungry. I'm used to eating alone with a newspaper or book on the side as my companion. From the photo you could tell, I ate ‘mami’ along sighs and shrugs reading so depressing news, I read this man’s shirt that lifted my spirit, evidently he did not know I was taking a picture of his back or I don’t know what his reaction will be.

If it won’t get some awakenings on your mind reading, then …. ‘bahala ka, basta’ I know the future belongs to me because I believe in the beauty of my dreams….. (With conviction!)

Thanks for dropping by on this side of town.


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  1. yeah I have many dreams :D hehe.. love this post

  2. Yeah, makes sense indeed! Ey, I'm also from Davao but now i'm based here in Manila. I miss my hometown.

  3. @ Red, hi Red thanks for dropping by.... masarap di ba?

    @ Sherry, I know you have a lot of these..

    @ onlinewriter, you should come home... uli sa kadali.... salamat sa laag.

  4. I was told that your philipino language and the Malay language come from the same origin. From your coments in my site, I understand one word. SELAMAT. In Malay, it means Happy. Does it mean the same? eg selamat hari raya happy new year.
    selamat jalan, happy walking.

  5. @ Ann, hi ann, true Filipino language and Malay has same origin ... our is Salamat ..meaning Thank you. Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Haha! I bet he didn't know he's lifting a lot of people's spirits just by wearing that shirt. Or maybe he does, and that's why he wore it! :)

  7. parang ang sarap ng mami ah, wala bang siopao? kidding aside, it's ours to accept or deny our destiny.

  8. Very uplifting message and I agree to that!

  9. Congrats sa stage mom, este sa performance ng anak mo, vernz! Saan na pics or video? Wanna see it.
    Hmmm, sarap ng mami!!! At ang ganda ng nakasulat sa likod ng mama.

  10. Wow, mam vernz! this is so yummy. nagugutom na ako.

    By the way, I followed you in Networked. This is one way to keep in touch. Hope you do the same.
    MAPEH homepage
    Pink Go Green

  11. I believe too ate Vernz..pahingi ng mami.. hehe

  12. Love your entry!

    Thanks for dropping by

  13. Hi, tokayo! :) Thanks for dropping by my site ha! ..:) it's indeed appreciated jud, esp. that i'm new in this blogging world.:)
    Anyway, yeah, that shirt of his is very uplifting! it...


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