For those who are religiously reading my blog, if there is any (LOL) I have been into a mom’s panic world because of the preparation for my son’s dance recital, I was feeling like they would perform on Oscar’s that the mother is the one panicking preparing here and there, when I was not the one practicing… Jocks!

Anyway, after all those butterflies in my stomach, finally the recital was held on May 31st at Davao Trade and Convention Center. There are 67 recitalists in the afternoon batch and imagine they have to perform one by one. I was talking to Jhine’s executive Director, why the individual performance when it is just OK to perform as a group, but some parents insisted that their child should perform individually. Ok, no questions ask. My son was so excited he ate early lunch 10AM when the call time is still at 12. If we were worms and If there birds at the venue, then we could have been eaten first… minutes later, their dance teachers arrived, but we cannot enter the venue because the morning batch recital was still wrapping up, so they did the initial blocking at the lobby.

Imagine the program proper started at 2, Lean (my son’s name) was already complaining …. Mom I can devour a whole elephant, yeah, so I have to bring him to nearest resto outside of the convention center. I told him to chew his food and not just swallow it whole because he’s in a hurry. When I get back to the table from the powder room, my heart skip out of my mouth again, I have to ask the waiters where my son has gone, when he’s not on the table anymore. Out of excitement he headed out of the resto and waited outside.

Their dance number is at 37th so we have to watch 1 to 36th before they can get on stage.... waaaaaaaah, glad there were restless moms too waiting so I have chatmates, so now the 37th recitalists……

My apologies for this video since, no cameras and videos allowed in front as there’s an official videograher and photographer, so I slip near the kitchen entrance just to take this vid, apologies for the waiters’ heads. I still don’t know when is the official Recital DVD is coming out, no notice yet. So here…. (the one in black jacket at your left is my son, Lean). Thanks for watching!


  1. here they cutting down trees to build home, I see no more green. :(

  2. Yehey! Congrats, Lean sa recital. Now lng ako nkakita ng dance recital. Usually mga musical recitals lng napapanood ko. Ay ballet rin pala, dance din yon. Di ba ang girl mo ay nagba-ballet? Gusto ko ring makita.
    Salamat sa dalaw, dear.


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