It’s almost classes’ time and I’m already on cram preparing for the subject loads assigned to me. I was expecting same subject loads as last year but the Dean decided to give me new subjects that, Oh no, out of my line. I was thinking of refusing the offer, but when I saw the list of the students under this subject, I said I’ll take it. I love this batch of teens; they are so responsive and very much willing to learn.

So without much blabber at the Dean’s office I silently sneak out and headed to the library, as expected my visit was such a disappointment, no books, very few references for this subject. Although our school is among those with good standing in the region, it can’t be denied that there is still that very wide void when it comes to facilities. But nonetheless, that is why Filipino teachers are in demand abroad because Filipino teachers can do more under unfavorable condition.

Given this situation, what can I do but rely of what is available at hand, the internet is a very potent resource to fill-in this gap, I’ve been scouting for a lot of teaching resources online, subscribing to various education-related newsletters, countless pdf search engine online, which has been a very great help to my handled subjects. Although at some point I still need to verify those information, thing is they really help.

There is so much to be done with Philippine educational system; I just hope the incoming administration will find it in his heart to take heed to the need of the people who powers this institution.

Thanks for reading and for dropping by on this side of town.


  1. here education is costly and depend where you stay too.

  2. Hi Vernz;) I'm lost, sorry. Are you an educator or studying? I love your blog - so fresh and intelligent. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. @ sherry, sis thanks for always being loyal... I appreciate it very much!

    @ Jo,,,, hahaha, both... I teach and at the same time a student, wrapping up my masters... thanks Jo for the drop...

  4. I pray so, too, Vernz. Our public educational system is a growing concern and needs all the help it can get from the government. It should be their priority.

  5. @ Carmen, so true... korek ka talaga diyan.... salamat sa pasyal..


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