Philippine consciousness puts so much significance on the ‘value of sharing’ as a fundamental worth any person should possess, in fact from childhood to adulthood to share is always an appreciated act. Remember the times when your mother or your father would tell you, share the food to your brother, to your sister, even to the last piece of bread, you have to share otherwise you will hear something you would not want to hear, normally, ang damot damot mu naman, sige ka magagalit sa ‘yo si Jesus, sorry guys for the example, I grow up hearing these words from my mother, out of fear, you should extend your hand with half of the cracked candy or bread.

Some reckless thought aroused because of these emergent marketing strategies of many restaurants here in Davao City, especially the eat-all-you-can restos (Obviously, I’m indulging, LOL!). If you are observant enough you would notice signs that read like these; (I’m not so sure with other cities, I’m just talking about my side of town)

How can we not share unlimited food and bottomless drink? Isn’t this a springboard to a glutonic culture? (been guilty, LOL!) Will this be the next ethos we will be teaching the next generation? Where have all the sharing value gone? You decide.


  1. hello ate vernz! yes naa pud na diri sa amo sa mga eat all you can restos gihapon... pero wala pa ko kakita anang no sharing of bottomless drinks ug rice. kana lang left overs... hehehe! dili ra pud pwede i bring home... lol!

  2. I've never seen signs like these before! And yes, we should continue to teach our children to share. Thanks for an insightful post.

  3. @ Kayce, mao kaon daghan kay dili pwede i bring home LOL!

    @ Jo, thanks for dropping by .... all the best!

  4. lami pud mag indulge panalagsa noh? mag buffet ko sa medyo barato lang kay alkanse ko anang mahal kay gamay akong kaon...lolz. Ok lang akong hubby kay murag dako ang bituka.ahahaha

  5. It's good we don't see such posts in here, vernz, which shows mas makapal tayong mga p...., hehehe!
    Well, sharing in the context of buffet is another story. We can teach the value of sharing in other aspects but what I normally tell my kids whenever we go to a buffet restaurant is that, we don't have to waste everything so that the excellent buffet service we enjoy right now would go on.
    We have to think of the business aspect of sharing in a buffet. What if I'm the owner of the resto? Of course, I would lose much if 3 or more glutton people share what is paid for just one?
    Btw, dear, may kasalanan daw friend nmin ni betty. naiwan niya padala ko sau, huhuhu! di bale ipadala ko sa mga kids ko at ipa-JRS/LBC tlga sau, dadagdagan ko pa. kc nahiya na tlga ako sau sa laging nauudlot...
    mishu na dear!

  6. @ Sam, waaaah korek ka diyan .... haahhaha,,, salamat sa laag.

  7. @ Nice, waaahhhh, it's OK dear .. ang kalimut way gahum ... ahihihi ... kung merom pa yan dag-dag marami na ako utang din ... ahihihi!

  8. Well, another good value to teach our children in this case is not to waste God's blessings. I always tell my children "Eat all you take." This also teaches them not to be greedy or covetous because sometimes there's the tendency to get so much when the food is delicious but then not finish everything. I understand your point though.


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