Often the ‘third sex’ or gay as they are commonly addressed are subject to varied forms of discrimination in virtually all human societies on this planet. Repeatedly, people do judgments because of lack of compassion due to lack information, and understanding on how these categories of people in our society act.

I see education and methodical information as the key to have a well-proportioned relationship with this uniquely polished people in our society.

While browsing around I tripped on Darkq’s gay blog, this is not just another gay blog. This is a blog that brings you so diverse a topic relating to the lives of gay people and LGBT in general that will bring you broader understanding about how these people live their lives. What is more surprising, they also have topics which women will get interest into, I love the post on Mental health and Sexuality, Must have – hand bags and many more. Although the blog is still in its infancy stage, the information published is unparalleled.

I love the simple yet well illustrated template, it exudes elegance and sophistication. The blog is not hard to navigate the basics are all well incorporated.

I have gathered quite a lot of information reading this blog, and should you want yourself to be informed about this category of people in our society, I’m tacking this blog five stars.


  1. how sweet of you to mention darkq's blog. but when i click it, "database error", i wanted to visit his blog too...

  2. looks an intersting blog. I will visit this blog

  3. @ sweet, my dear ... I just had my confirmation .. it's a scam ... that's why I deleted the link..

    @ Red... indeed it's an intersting blog ...


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