I don’t think this stuff should be shared here, but me and my itchy fingers can’t help it but type this story.

When I came home from running an errand the other day, I was surprise to see a quorum of my husband’s cousins around our dining area, one of them was profusely sobbing and I asked what happened? The sister then said, Oh, her long time boyfriend eloped with another woman… I jokingly said, is eloping still a fashion these days? Ate, please do not add insult to injury, were there responses…. Being the oldest among them, they’re waiting on what I have to say… Come-on crying won’t solve your problem but will lessen your heart’s burden, so cry it out loud, and we’ll talk after eating. Impatient young people keep bugging me, what they’re supposed to do?

Out of the blue I said, you should learn from Ally McBeal, I followed this series from beginning to end, If you want to get your ex back, or end up with Mr. Right, you’ve got to make it happen. The best men are always taken, if you don’t steal them, you won’t have them. So plan your move and do it soon.

It might be too harsh but seeing at their situation seems like they’re at the dead end, so I thought they need some radical moves to keep it going, and the latest update, they’re talking.


  1. nice post ate vernz! gusto pud unta ko mag post about ani pero mag lisud man ko ug sulat oi kay ga i based man nako sa akong experience. unya kay dili naman ko gusto mubalik pa akong ex! lol

  2. @ Kayce... hahahahah! mao ba... nahitabo ra jud mao nakahimu ko ug storya ... perfect! Ikaw jud.. lagot ka... Salamat sa laag ...

  3. I dont know how many people want to get their ex back

  4. waaaa patawa ka way, di jud ko mobasa anang Ally McBeal kay wa koy balak balikan ang ex nako maski sya pa ang father ng mga kids ko hahahaha. pero i like the lines..."The best men are always taken, if you don’t steal them, you won’t have them. So plan your move and do it soon." hahaha...nah ako diay ning i-steal ang bana sa akong friend kay hasta jud ka buotan hahaha.

    nag adgi ug EC lang ko by the way hehehe..thanks sa ngiti sa post mo hehe.

  5. oh dear...what a story....very interesting....:)

    can;t relate with the story...ehhehee..ala man jud ko!

  6. @ sherry, if my ex is a billionaire I might, hahahah! thanks Sherry for the drop.

    @ Kat, depende man, phobia ka na sa ex mu mao.. hahahah! Salamat sa laag Kat!

    @ Dhemz, amiga, ahahahah! mao ba... one and only log diay si Hubby, sus oi kamingaw ... LOL! Salamt just sa pasyal..

  7. i got a sweet blog award for u,

  8. haha.> I remember my ex want to get me back but cant as you can't force love.. he just not understand me and he selfish.

  9. its heart breaking he took my helmet to another as want to sent her home, then ask me go alone to the shopping mall where she works. :( I was left alone there wait him to pick me me.. if he want borrow helmet shouldn't ask me go along.. I so scare at the mall..

  10. hi!

    "The best men are always taken, if you don’t steal them, you won’t have them."

    i find this line so outrageous but real. i think all my crushes are already find their mates.

    but i dont want to follow your advice, especially if they already married. I'm anti-family wrecker.


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