S …. Is for SUGBA

Sugba is a ‘bisaya’ (Davao’s native tongue) term for grill, sinugba, if it is a done thing, gi-sugba, if it is still on the process of grilling, i-sugba if you are still planning to grill it. And if you’re angry, you may say…. I-sugba taka, meaning you still have time to run away … LOL, just me and my morbid thinking.

Ja! We had this last night, my kids love this fish, since it has sparse bones and it’s not hard to ‘himay’ unlike the milkfish, where if you’re not careful enough you’ll end up looking for breach birthed fellas, eat banana or have a cat’s paw run down your neck.

We call this fish locally, barilison, we often have a fresh supply of these unlucky fellas usually from adjacent Samal Island.

So there making this post my entry to ABC Wednesday, for more great photos, SEE HERE.

Thanks for dropping by on this side of town.


  1. oh tasty, hehe.. its fun yeah. I seldom do here too hot weather.

  2. Hmmmm! Looks delicious, Vernz! I love fish! Great words for the S day! Hope you're having a wonderful week! Enjoy!


  3. haguy! kalami ani ate vernz oi! gigutom na nuon ko! oi ayaw lang pud ko iapil ug sugba ate vernz ha! lol

  4. wow kalami gyud oi,..gimingaw na jud ko

  5. its not grilled yet but i can already smell from here your inihaw na isda...yummmmm!!!!

  6. I heard those words from my mom,although we are originally from Aklan where I was born but I think it also means ihaw or inihaw in tagalog. :)

    ABC Wednesday

  7. Ang laki ng isda! Ang sarap naman nito... nagutom ako bigla. :)

    I have two entries for ABC Wednesday, you can check it out HERE and HERE. Hope you could check it out, thank you so much! Happy mid-week to you.

  8. Wow. this looks as though it could be delicious1

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. I love grilled fish. Sarap yan kamayin sa dahon ng saging with bagong saing na kanin. Yum!

  10. wow sarap ng inihaw na bariles with toyo, kalamansi and sili.

  11. I'm a day late from FMBT, but enjoying your blog. The fish looks divine. Reminds me of when I was a kid in Hawaii, we used to do that all the time!

  12. agoy ginoo kalami sa sinugba....agoy fresh na fresh pa jud kaau ang isda...gutom na nuon ko da.....limot ko sa akong entry....ehehehe!


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