If you’re a constant of this blog, I wrote quite a number of posts of our boy’s room renovation project, at last it’s done and my boys are now enjoying their freedom in their new room. I’m also relieved of the seeing and picking up toy’s messing up around our bedroom.

They have been requesting a raised bed, but since the other boy is younger, I don’t want to take chances; they might fall off and hit their heads on the floor, so I really insisted of having the foam laid on the floor. But they keep on complaining it’s too low. I’m thinking of buying one that is raised yet versatile. I found this air bed that is raised off the floor I find it very trendy, handy and just exactly what I want.

I have tried using air mattress in the past and it really served its purpose. You can inflate and deflate it at your own convenience. You can even bring it around with you when you travel without the hassle of bulky bed packs or a handy bed reserve whenever you have visitors at home.

I’m seriously considering buying one. Wish there are available in stock at our local department store here.


  1. Hi sis! Thanks for dropping by.
    Um, di ba mainit tulugan ang airbed? Parang di comfortable sa tingin ko e. Maliban lang siguro kung aircon ang room ano?

    Btw, my new fone has a "qwerty" keypad just like a computer, so it is fine with me. Sanay naman ako sa laptop e :)

  2. agoy hadlok bitaw pod mahulog...ehehhehe...ok lang kung carpet ang mahulugan...pero tiles gani...agoy mabukol ang ulo...ehehehhe!

    ka organized man kaau sa room sa mga boys....:)

  3. Hi Vernz, air beds dili advisable pag kids ang mugamit kay usahay makalimot, mag dula nya mabuslot. di pod nako type matulog sa air bed kay inig lihok sa katapad, apil ka ug uyog hahaha. 4 kabuok amo air beds, 2 queen size ug 2 single size, ang single size ang usa kay nabuslot kay nag dula dula ako anak (bunso) ug cousin. gitapalan sa ako father like pang tapal sa interior sa ligid. naa daghan sa SM ug NCCC nga mga airbeds. hehehe


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