In my dreams LOL! …. I always receive emails of this kind from time to time … I’m almost tempted to give them the information they need, but on the other hand, I thought of I might lose my fortune than gaining a million.

I have no doubt this is a scam again, never disclose any private information or immediately get into the trap of these aliens should you receive mails like this;

This page was sent to you by:
Message from sender:
Dear friend, I am Mr,Abdel Karim, manager auditing and accounting department Bank of Africa Ouagadougou Burkina Faso, I have an opportunity to transfer the sum of $10.5 million.USD to your bank account, contact me for more details about the transaction, thanks,abdel karim.

Ta-ta, got to think how I’m gonna spend the 10 million dollar fortune…. Thanks guys for dropping.


  1. I've been receiving tons of similar emails everyday for several months now. And I could knock you out, I'm a billionaire at this point if only those are real. LOL!

    Every Thought Counts

  2. Ha Vernz, I don't think there's anyone with an email address that hasn't had lots of these...Tempting huh? Have a lovely weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo

  3. oh dear Lord...daghan na tawon na ilad aning mga emails...wala uroy batasan ning uban mga tawo...naa daghan taga pinas nangilad ug filipino nga taga dire....kalouy tawon sa nailad....maong better keep ourselves away from this scammers....:) hehehehe!


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