How can a prominent bank forget to install an efficient phone system?

Yeah, just bear with me this time, just writing some reckless thoughts over a not so good first hour of the day transaction. I wonder why in this high technology age, there are still those who are hesitant, stingy to investing in a well-organized communication system.

Guys, just giving you a piece of my mind here, come-on, making it big in banking business is synonymous to having an efficient phone systems. Get rid of all those analogs and replace them with something that will make your client’s life easy

Geez, how can a simple inquiry turn into a ranting transaction, all because this bank’s telephone system is rotten. This is not supposed to be published here, but just looking for some cracks where I can air my days sentiments. Thanks for reading. See you again for another experience in this side of town.


  1. You're right. There are many banks which have only one or two phones and they're so busy all the time.

  2. @ Carmen, thanks for dropping by... yes,,, just a pissed off me ... ahihi thanks for dropping by....


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