Finally, after all the flipping and the browsing I’m down to the last book I’m reading for my friends MA Review of Related Literature requirement. I’m feeling like I’m all dried up, my brain, my throat telling my kids here to stop bugging me so I can finish the job on time and on top of it all I feel like my eyes have little sands in it. My daughter is teasing me to cry so that my eyes can take a bath, Oh I didn’t realized she has that wit at 5. She was correct, tears bathe the eye and wash out dust and little debris and keeps it moist.

But one obvious culprit to this eye problem of mine, well, needless to argue, it is also caused by too much exposure to computer monitor, in other words, long hours of blogging, sometimes I do marathon blogging because I’m stealing the time when my kids are at school and no ones around to bother me.

Just now I thought, why are all my blogging friends having eyewears? Yeah maybe blogging and eyewears are now two indispensable tools for a successful stint online. I have not tried using prescription eyewear yet, but maybe this time I will consider browsing eyewear from online stores.

Thanks everyone for dropping by on this side of town.

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  1. I break the sunglasses that day as it fell not manage grab :(


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