I’ve been chaotically busy the whole day cleaning top to bottom. I wonder why even we do periodic cleaning still dust particles accumulates under movable closets, especially at the hard to reach areas around the house.

Some times I’m thinking of pulling out these heavy cabinets and replace them with built-in wardrobes and built-in shelves, maybe one of these days. But while in the wait for that time I still have to look for some great designs around here, L.A. Gordon Carpentry has best solution to problems like mine, they also offer building services on bathroom and kitchen fittings, and everything about finishing touches inside your home. I just wish I have much now or I’ll have these things pulled out of the house immediately.

Call it a day, got to hit the hay.


  1. Friendship, I'm here na...go buy a built-in wardrobe na...hehe just visiting...pls add my new blog link...see ya there...

  2. Built-in shelves look nice but they're more expensive kasi nga built-in for the space that you provide. Just visiting, dear.

  3. There are lots of services out there. Maybe, you should get built-in shelves. They are easy to clean and look compact.

  4. Where's the nearest Ikea?!? ;-P


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