…. a soap opera. Yes, I watched last night’s Kung Tayoy Magkakalayo ending starred the infamous first sister and the country’s teen lovey-dovey Kim and Gerald, of course I know them? I read papers everyday from cover to cover, LOL! I’m no soap opera addict, I just watched once or twice a week to update myself, because when you are in a classroom you get your student’s attention well if you relate things with what’s in and up around you, in other words they can’t terrorize you back knowing teens now.

Wooah, since it’s the ending my son wanted to watch it, they’re not allowed to watch TV on weekdays, but since it’s the ending and t’was Friday, I could have allowed him but good thing he had a flu and Manang our manghihilot came to ‘hilot’ him just in time for the show to start, and I told him, I’ll just narrate to him what happened, otherwise, he will tell me again that he’s going to be a NBI agent so he can have a license to kill his cousin every time he picks a fight with him, thus, to doubt the power of media to influence young minds is an understatement.

The ending only shows what kind of society Philippines has, the producer of Brookside once said … “tell the truth and show society as it really is …” Soap operas are not just ‘chewing-gum for the eyes’, they’re injurious, corrupting and disturbing agents to thousands of people, yet they amass millions of money. To call it a mindless form of entertainment will rake countless issues and controversies, the production team will come to disagree with me on that.

Gone were the days where soap operas has been tagged as a form of escapism for mundane housewives left at home tending children and kneading dough for dinner. Today, critics, academic researchers are not looking at who are watching these shows anymore, but on the note that what makes these soap operas appealing? And some concluded that it is now on a level of social realism.

Watching Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo is not just watching Kris Aquino dying underground, Coco Martin firing Gerald unrealistically to the very end, nor seeing Gabby Conception a hero, its about seeing your society in a nutshell, a microcosm of our society.

So there, thanks everyone for dropping by on this side of town.


  1. hay wa jud ko ganahi sa ending girl ai, hahahha unta si kris to na dead then si coco ang wala na bag o bah hehehe haist na lang lol

  2. na ako pod woi...wala jud ko ganahi...way klaro man ang!


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