…. Is happening on this side of town, I’m running out of wits … chasing time, beating red lights … best described as …

Life’s Journey
by Patricia Parker

Life's journey takes you places
Where you've never been before.
You may miss opportunities
But find keys to many a door.
The journey may be dangerous
The rewards not readily seen.
But crossing treacherous waters
Will lead to calmer streams.
The trip takes courage, fortitude
And a will to welcome dawn.
Don't miss your chance to make it last
For soon your chance is gone.
One journey for one short-lived life
Is all the chance we're given
To make the most of any trip
We must adjust to living.
Enjoy each day, as it appears
The rain soon brings the sun.
And when your journey finally ends
Your job's been nobly done.

Thanks Patricia for this, but I think mine’s job has not been nobly done yet … and so the journey continues …..

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  1. nice poem! may bago palang badge ang ruby tuesday, tagal na kong di nakajoin dyan ah.

  2. @ Red, thanks for the drop.. sali ka uli.. hindi hinablot ko lang yan kay Google.

  3. @ Red, thanks Red for the drop....

  4. test comment where have all my comments gone?

  5. nakatungtong man jud ang red shoes sa lappy...ehhehehe....sosyal ni nga sapatos da!


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