… with this song, yeah I grew up hearing this song day in and day out. My father has quite a number of collections of long play records, ranging from Matt Monroe to Frank Sinatra down to Andy Williams and other contemporaries of these artists. This post made me actually think where did that big box go?

Photobucket Every morning my father would take that red spongy look-alike dust eraser and run it around the black area of the LP, carefully place the arm of the needle and sit at our patio read his papers and sip his coffee on that brown mug with Moon River as the background. During those days I kept lamenting why the ‘pauli-ulit yung plakang yun’, now I realized, it’s worth the ‘ulit, pala’ …. Dang! I missed those days …. Can I relive those, my son will tell me for sure, mom, I’m feeling lost with your music… can you just lock yourself in your room and listen it there? Shocks! I hate it … hate listening to the gaganess of lady gaga, Ok, I’ll accept it with tearful heart, as I realized he’s feeling the same as I felt before.

This one is a version at Breakfast at Tiffany’s … I so love Audrey Hepburn.

This one is what I’ve gone gaga about … ayyyyyy…. So romantic …… do I need to say more? Carlo and Vivian of Lovers in Paris.

This version is not quiet as moving as the original one, I can’t feel the emotion, the elation between KC and Piolo.

Enjoy! See you again peeps, for another round of Nostalgic Marveling at Roses’ blog.


  1. this made me smile. i couldn't count the times when i would sulk and pout because of my mother's kind of music when i was growing up. she listened to Connie Francis, Matt Monroe, Timi Yuro...and i hated it! LOL i knew that i was growing "old" when i started to like their music.:p

  2. Si Papa din ate, Matt Monroe is one of his old time favorite nung nabuuhay pa sya. Namiss ko tong Lover's in Paris hehehe, I sude to watch this when I was still there. Thanks for uploading them here. Mwah!

  3. Nice old song V. I had to laugh at your line about Lady Gaga. LOL! I love Audrey too!

    Good day!

  4. hahha...lady gaga..going! nice entry you have here teVernz...:) I love watching LIP...kaso maikli lang yung teleserye na yon...:)hay Sir!

  5. Hi Vernz, i love old songs, too! old love songs are so beautiful and meaningful compared to the love songs or new songs nowadays. and my daughter will also say the same as your son tells you now everytime he heard your old music. :)

    Mine is now up din!


  6. Memories are always remembered. Friendship, love the telesere ng Lovers In Paris..moon river great theme song there...

  7. Nah, kahit retro na yan sa akin ate gustong gusto ko pa din pakinggan. And ganda ng melody niya kasi. masarap pakinggan!Thanks sa dalaw!

  8. My father used to sing "Welcome Balikbayan" by Yoyoy Villame, and we loved to hear him sing and play the guitar at the same time. I know that my 16 year old listens to some songs now, but he never complains about my 80s songs that I play while cooking, but when he rides with me, he changes my station and I told him, he can listen to his own music when he gets his own car, hahaha! Mga bata ngayon ibang klaseng tugtog ang mga gusto, eh di ko naman alam sabayan.

  9. unsa na ni mao sad ni fave ni fader nako hahaha... mostly oldies song man jud pero bisan tood old na perti ka bugnaw pa gihapon paminawon...

    labay ko ate vernz, bilin sa akong entry.Here is mine.

  10. Pareho pala hilig mga father natin vermz,mga frank senatra, yung mga olds songs like born free, isali pa ang My way hehehe. But those songs are really good compared to todays songs

  11. Hehehe.. oo nga ang "Moon River" kasi ni papa eh.. hehe.. one day he/she will also feel like what you are feeling right now Te Vernz.. :) I also love that music now but before? Ehm kiver! lol.. ganoon na sguro pag mag-grow up nah. :)

    My Nostalgia: 2008 Christmas Cards Received

  12. wow how nostalgic kaayo ate vernz! so nice to remember all this nice oldies goodies songs... though di ko makarelate kay wala pa ko nahimong tawo ana pero i love the songs... hehehe!

    and speaking of songs, Please check out my Me Singing post too. Thanks Ate!

  13. ganda naman ng nostalgia mo remembering your beloved fathers favorite song .

  14. great memories. nothing can beat those classics. in fact i am listening now to 70s and 80s songs while blogging.

    i don't like lady gaga's songs too but my 8 year old girl is so gaga about her.

    mine is here...


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