PhotobucketI've been thinking hard of what will be my entry for today’s Nostalgia hosted by ever smiling Rose. Stress ako ngayong week, it’s just that I have to give some focus on my part-time career since it’s the first week of class for the second term and I’m on the introductory stage of the subject so the talking was all mine.

Anyway, can’t miss this week’s nostalgia.

I used to collect badges, bar pins, especially those commemorative ones, I had around 200 during the heyday, I even have a canvass on my bedroom wall displaying all my collections, but we often move from one place to another because of my fathers job, and I lost track of those pins anymore. Of all those collections that I have, these are all what is left.

I did not buy any of those pins I collected, each was given or I ask or I found while walking along, each pin has a story to tell.

The violin bar pin was given to me by my mother as a gift; it’s made of 15K gold
The Tweety was given to me by my boyfriend then, now my husband.
The JCI ASPAC, was a commemorative Jaycee bar pin was handed to us when we went to Macau for Asia Pacific Convention
The black one/sword pin was given by an American Soldier friend who was assigned in Iraq during the American invasion + horror stories of surviving the war.
The dove was given by a nun friend
The ones with cross was our official badge when I worked before in a newspaper company.
The GSP pin was my remembrance that once I used to be a member of the GSP.

So there, see you again next week for another round of Nostalgic Marveling at Rose’s Blog.


  1. A college friend once gave me a quarter moon pin, which was made from real gold, but I lost it. :( Ang gaganda ng mga pins mo.

    My Nostalgia post is up HERE.

  2. galing mo naman pati gsp pin mo e nakatago pa din. those are nice pins. the violin is your favorite, right? aside from it is a 15k gold, it was given by your dearest mom. sana tama hula ko.

    my entry is here, sis...

  3. woi galing naman...sayang nawala ang uban...ehehehhe! if I were to choose....ako natong violin...ehehehe!

  4. Wow, those are marvelous collection tVernz, keep it in a safe locker hehehe. It might be worth something later on.. Love the tweety pin hehehe..

  5. Those are priceless pins!Minsan na lang ako nakatagpo ng nagko-collect ng pins.Ako naman puro gacha-gacha ( capsule toy )ang collections ko--alang kwenta lol!

    Thanks for dropping by!Happy Friday!

  6. Kainis kanina nd na post ang comment ko grrr, anyway, wow the GSP pin ako nga nd na mahagilap, its good for you that you were able to keep it. Cheers

  7. Those pins are treasure :)
    Thanks for dropping by...

  8. good for you to have kept these badges and pins. i dont have any for myself

  9. Wow, ang cute nang mga pins. They are real treasures especially that each of them have stories to tell.

    My Nostalgia Entry

  10. Kuyawa saimung collection Vernz uy unique mn kaayo. Ma rpenda sd na sila? hehe basta kita ko ug gold ang MLhuillier gyud akong ma huna hunaan hehe

  11. kabuang sad tawon ko ug subay subay sa imo..hehe mukhang type nako tong kay ex-bf nimo pero husband now heheeh...ka tweet baya..hehe

  12. nice! wala ako natabi ni isang pin. galing mo naman that you kept all of them. me senti value talaga.

  13. Believe jud ko sa imo, mi amiga, grabe ka makatago....nice collection!

  14. Nice collection of pins. dami ah. sayang naman yung iba na nawala noon. you're good at collecting small items. :)

  15. Bakit ako walang pin? hehehe.. I guess, we have different preference when it comes to collecting stuff. Great collection ha..


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