I adore seeing medical pros in their clean and hygienic look; I think this what sets them apart from other professionals, for quite some time we’ve been used to seeing them in their monotonously white uniform. But happy days are here for those who are fashion savvy medical pros, scrubs clothing has taken a new leap, it has joined the bandwagon of integrating style into yet boringly colored clothes yet still serve its purpose.

And if you are in the process of scouting where to buy cheap scrubs, then I have the answer to your questions. Bluesky Scrubs has the widest selection of medical scrubs, from hats, pants to accessories. They even offer free shipment if your order reaches $115, plus other cool discounts. So why not check out their site now.


  1. Hi Vernz;) cool post. These funky scrubs should cheer a patient up when he's wheeled into theatre. I remember thirty six years ago lying in theatre (panting and groaning) waiting for an emergency caesar with my oldest. I remember looking sideways to where my gynecologist was scrubbing up: He had a long green gown on, a transparent cap and on his feet, he sported FLOWER POWER gumboots! It provided mirth for me and I temporarily forgot my discomfort. Have a good day. Jo

  2. Wish I could be a nurse hehehe but I can't because I am scared of blood wahhhh


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