We're now in fiesta mood here and the city awaits for you...

Here's the schedule of this week's celebration

Engr. Manuel A. Medros 2nd Solo Art Exhibit for Painting

August 11,- September 11, 2010
Venue: Museo Dabawenyo

Agri-Trade Fair
August 13-30, 2010
Venue: SM City
A trade fair participated by farers, plant growers, handicraft producers and manufacturers.

August 16-22, 6-8 PM Venue: Peoples’ Park.
The convergence of 10 tribes of Davao - Ata Manobo, Ubo Manobo, K’lata, Tagabawa, Matigsalog, Maranao, Maguindanao, Tausug, Sama and Kalagan tribes, in celebration of thanksgiving of oneness with the earth through performances, culinary parade and age-old craftsmanship that showcases their strength as diverse peoples of Davao.

Fair Trade Opening
August 16-22, 2010
Venue: Sanguniang Panlungsod Lobby
A bazaar that showcased proudly Davao-made goods produced and manufactured by organizations that encourages entrepreneurship and empowerment participated by the women of Davao City.

Festival Opening
August 20, 2010
Venue: Rizal Park
The official launch of the 25th Kadayawan Festival highlighted by performances of the different tribes of Davao City.

August 20-22, 5:00 PM-2 AM
Venue: Bolton Street (Beside Sanguniang Panlungsod)
Evenings of street event that features music and food. Street party-Davao-style.

Hiyas sa Kadayawan
August 20, 2010, 8 PM
Venue: Almendras Gym,
Search for the Kadayawan symbol, the indigenous lass who is knowledgeable of her indigenous culture and wisdom through a pageantry of Mindanaoan myths and legends.

Indak indak sa Kadalanan
August 21. 2010, 8 AM
Venue: Major thoroughfares of the city
The Indak Indak sa Kadalanan or the street dancing parade showcases the different colors, cultures and traditional dances of the different tribes of Davao and Mindanao.

Pamulak Floral Float Parade
August 22, 8 AM
Venue: Major thoroughfares of the city
Venue: Major thoroughfares of the city The grand finale of the Kadayawan Festival, the Pamulak is a mobile display of the blooming of flowers and ripening of fruits in creatively decorated floats on parade, showcasing the abundance of vegetation in the Davao Region.


  1. oi wow! fiesta pud diay diha sa inyo sa davao ate? amo pud diri kay karung 28.. maayo unta ug daghan tag moolah arun maka suroy2x ta dali palit sa gusto nga palitun.. hehehe!

  2. ate vernz, ang gi ingon sa ako ni mommy rubz, kinahanglan daw nga wordpress hosted daw atong blog pag mag apply ta sa payU2. Maka host daw siya for free pero pag ma approve na atong blog, mu offer na dayon siya sa iyang paid blog hosting.

    ga nose bleed jud ko ate ai... pwede paki explain further sa ako Maam? hehehe... thanks!

  3. unsa na? haha ang payU2 kailangan hosted by wordpress para ma approve? dili yata kay daghan baya ko kaila nga payU2 member pero blogspot bya ila host pero domain name. ingna noon nga kasagaran dali ra sila mo approve if taga USA ka...sige na ko submit ako site maski atong PR3 pa ako Mom's Place pero wa jud ma approve...waaaaa di nila type ako blog hehe.

    btw...thanks sa info sa mga scheds. asa man ka mag atang Vernz hahaha

  4. ayay! kalami i sad sad da...ehhehehe!

  5. Happy Fiesta!
    Sayang wala akong travel diyan ngayon, :)

  6. Happy Kadayawan.. enjoy dghan sale hehehe!


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