Frugality I think is one of the most prominent virtues any moms are developing or at least are nurturing. In these trying times, I think not only moms are encouraging this value, everyone who thinks of saving and getting more out of their hard-earned bucks are joining the bandwagon of being miser.

Often we get sarcastic comments from friends, relatives about assimilating such a culture, but I think this is just in the beginning. But mind you, when they learn the value of being stingy, they are far more than what you expected. For miser moms like me, it has already been part of my weekly buying list to get things that comes with free stuff and discounts via coupons.

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  1. Hello Vernz, yes we need to be wise nowadays. If you can get something for free or at a great discount, why not? Think of that bag you can buy with your savings that your hubby won't find out. He, he. Just kidding!


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