I swear I have never felt so obligated to go to the streets to witness and take photos on how Kadayawan festivity go until I have flew my blog on the internet. I know there’s this thing they call ‘blogging without obligation’, but I felt like I also have to share some things happening on this side of town, ke ano pa ako nag-blog, LOL..

Anyway, it was the hottest of days, I swear, tagak-tak ang pawis … after an hour on the street, I told my husband to bring home the kids as they might catch fever owing to high temp on the streets… naiwan na ako … yeah, thing was I did not get through the sea of humanity during the street dance showdown …. Haisst … I was thinking like if I were a reporter I wouldn’t make it to the top since I don’t know how to sneak through holes to get the good view … anyway, I managed with my little strength left, but not as good as I expected it to be.... sharing some snapshots of what went on this day at Davao City.

Oyanguren St. here at the city
This is the best I can get from where I stood. I bribed the woman selling ‘maruya’ to rent her mono-block chair so I can stand above these heads and took this photo, yikes, it's still too far.….. Luckily, I got the charm…LOL…
The contingents, Waiting for their turn to perform

Any Philippine fiesta would never be complete without ice cream on carts

Street Dancers pose for tourists

Another manifestation of the spirit of oneness of this festivity. Christian and the Muslim.

Kid Street Dancers

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  1. wow! very nice kaayo imong mga captured photos ate! pero wala galing ko naka kita sa imong picture... hehehe

  2. Happy fiesta. Sounds like a lot of fun to be there this season! :D

  3. That looks like a lot of fun, your photos capture the spirit of the even perfectly.

  4. Great photos, Vernz. Miss kaayo na ko ang ingon ani. Kadumdum ko inig Sinulog kay antuson gyud ang init basta kakita lang sa parade.

  5. what a lot of red flags. We watch the news of the disgrunted policeman.


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