My mom worked in Kuwait before, and she was so loved by her employer. Whenever she would come home to the Philippines she would bring home a lot of stuff that are gift to her by her millionaire Arab employer.

One time she brought home this antique jewelry pouch, I swear they are full of fine golden necklace, when we brought it out there were 26 necklaces, unmindful of what we say sometimes, we said where have all the pendants gone? May gana pang-magreklamo, LOL, but we found out it was boxed separately and they are gorgeous.
So sad after 3 years of moms being loyal and rendering her tender care to that old woman, she passed away, and we jokingly said, OMG, you might become an heir to her golden ‘arinola’ (sorry can’t find an exact English word that suggest cultural association, LOL)

It made me nostalgic because during those times that this Arab woman was alive she would surprise to call us here in the Philippines if we were OK, we did not even see her in person, but I can tell she has a good heart so sad she has to journey ahead of us.

So there, more of nostalgic marvelings at Rose’s blog. See you next week.


  1. wow..this is so nice..very classic. i love antiques..=)

  2. Ang ganda naman ng jewelry na ito! Salamat sa pagdaan sa aking nostalgia post.

  3. sad...basin heradera imong mama teVernz...ehehhee...kabuotan sad sa iyang amo...talagsa ra amo nga buotan....thanks for sharing....:)

    mine is up too!

  4. Sorry to hear about the rich employer of your Mom. what did you guys do to the gold, inyo prenda sis? hehehehmura pa gyud mga antique sa. na ug napasahan to imung mama ug golden anerola nya inig panihi mahimung gold ang gold aguy pagka datu na ninyo hehehehe

  5. Wahhhhhhh arinola hahaha.. let us say high end pot na lang lol. Ang sarap pagka mabait ang employer no tVernz?

    Thanks for joining this week and for the greetings.

  6. what a good employer! it was so nice of her talagang mayaman kasi pang-gift lang ang gold pero deserving naman ang mommy mo maam Vernz to be given gold.See, not all Arab are bad? haha ngkatawa ko sa arinola..kong naa lay gold nga arinola na mangau jud ko bahalag naay ihi

  7. wow! what happened to the 26 necklaces? that's a great heirloom! =)

    thank you for the visit!

  8. this is a beautiful piece, sis at ang golden necklaces, ang dami ha? nakatago pa rin ba?

    ano nga ba english sa arinola?! lol!


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