It’s been a while that I have not meet my girlfriends and when they called for a night out, I didn’t hesitate to come besides the meeting place is one that I have not been before. Laughter and loads of nostalgic stories filled the Coffee Cat’s air.

I roam around Davao often but this is the first time I landed on this café, the ambiance is so classy and quite. The elegant yet stylish store fixtures added drama to the whole mood of the store. Indeed furniture can transform a simple box into a neat space, according to manager they had their store fixtures custom-made to match their desired store character, and they really was, I must say successful in doing so.

It’s so sad my cam’s battery retired after this shot. I’ll be sharing some photos if I can snag a copy from them. But it was a great feeling meeting, talking, teasing, reminiscing part of our lives when we used to be together during the heyday.

So that’s what’s up for now on this side of town.

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