One of the tremendous problems our planet is facing today is how to properly dispose our wastes, for years now humans has been into rigid campaign in averting this situation. I think campaigns of this sort should start from homes since household now is a major factor in terms of consumption.

My household alone consumes twice plastics, twice electronic gadgets than the volume last year, imagine the bulk of wastes if all of the millions of households around the world contribute even just half, some even more than what my household throw away. I think we’re already equipped with prior knowledge on what these garbage do to the environment.

We still can save Momma Earth, education always starts at home, teach children to not just throw plastics, e-wastes everywhere we can bring them to electronic recycling company for proper disposal. So start doing your share now to save our planet, not just for this generation but for the generation ahead.


  1. elow ate! hope makalaag pud ka diri sa cdo para magkita kita pud ta... para naa najud ko picture nimo... hihihih!

  2. Absolutely Vernz;) education starts at home. Thanks for this enlightening post. Have a good day. Jo


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