At last I get to update this blog, I went out to attend a transformational seminar. It was initiated by a non-governmental organization concerned with matters of raising consciousness on deep ecologic knowledge. The core topic was centered on the idea of the major contribution of the science of ecology to deep ecologic thinking that everything is connected to everything else.

The topic was interesting but the whole discussion I swear run dull, it made me think the lecturer did not have her breakfast. Anyway, towards the end the lecturer touched on the ancient Filipinos belief on animism, a belief that souls or spirits does not thrive on humans alone but they are present in the entities of natural environment like trees, rivers, animals, mountains etc. and that exploiting and destroying their dwellings will make the gods angry. Thus, respecting these entities was the highest form of human spirituality.

For the longest time our ancestors has hold on to this belief, until technology, ideas, culture change the way people think, our culture, technology our ideas brought humans to encroached the deepest of the forest, the farthest of the universe, the deepest of seas that eventually brought devastation to humans.

Today, we learned our lesson the hard way and that we are reliving that belief again, rekindle our environmental spiritual awakening, that if we have that collective consciousness, a spirit of oneness and unity towards working together for common goal then maybe this is our way to the future and we can make this planet a pleasant place to live not just for today but for the generations ahead of us.

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