No matter how I tried to convince myself that I love weekends, I just can’t. Not that I don’t like having and hearing the shouting and the crying of my dragons at home, it’s just that, I go crazy with mommy chores, kids Saturday music lessons, market day, grocery day, ironing day, checking papers day and other weekend errands, grrrrr…… that’s why I’m often out of the blogosphere circle on weekends. It might be the exact opposite of other mom’s schedule, but what can I do that’s how someone’s life went on this side of town.

Anyway, sharing a little birds eye view of Davao City for Scenic Sunday.

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Scenic Sunday


  1. busy mom and busy teacher hehe,,ganyan din ako verns:-) kapoy jud

  2. that's okay Mommy hindi ka nag iisa hehehe

  3. Hehe.. It's okay Ms Vernz.. Kaya na ah. I'm not a mommy yet, but I totalaly understand coz I have two nieces.. Ang kukulit rin!! Anyway, that's life talaga.. Mabuti na lang merong blog. Hihii...

    Anyway, here's mine.. please check it out and drop a comment. Thanks a bunch.. =)

  4. The tree is so tall, how did they hang the stars?


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