This blogger is a mom today. I had to shut down blogging operation to attend to my major job today. ADDU Grade School presented various makabayan dances today as the culmination of their Makabayan Week, the most waited day as this marked also the last day of school for this sem. Sharing some snapshots.

 Just when you can't find whom you're looking for ...
 suddenly you spotted it...
 and finally .. gotcha!
after dancing itik-itik ... modeling and roaming around like a 'libuter' some guys need some


  1. wow! you're a great Mom :)

    a have a poem for you on my blog

  2. you got a very good zoom-in feature in your camera.. =)

  3. agoy g tawag man ang anak ug it...ehehhee...joke lang te...pagka bibo ba diay sa ilang presentation...:)

    sos tawon, gkapoy ang mga performers...ehehehe!


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