I’m imposing a qualified discipline on myself right now. Yeah, I think there’s such thing as like that. lol. I have to cut some blogging time just this week, :) I need to finish reading quiet a number of journals for my presentation, and I can’t get myself embarrassed. Toink! And I should do this fine to get a raise. Hahaha!

Though I impose upon myself an unwritten code of blogging without an obligation, I think that won’t work, I should thank you guys for taking time to drop ec and adgitize me.

This is supposed to be my CR time, but some wasted guys down there seems like it’s not yet their time, so I’m typing while waiting for that next pleasurable moment in the bounds of that private room. Geeez, this is supposed to be a wholesome blog, why am I talking, er writing some stinking stuff here……… ahhh! it’s coming need to go…


  1. Haha, gumamit ka na lang ng malaking tasa Ateh Vernz..hehe

  2. nyahaha! nah mao kinahanglan jud na ipagawas ang angay ipagawas.. lol! agi pud ko diri ate! mwah!

  3. hahaha....joker jud ni si!

  4. nyahahaha..nag imagine ko diri gi-unsa nimo pag pungko! nyahhaha..

    dah, kay nganong nag maestra, wa jud ko mikuha ana kay murag way katapusang eskwela nyahahaha.

    agi ra ko oi kay adgi pa ko...tiwasa nang imong lesson plan diha. hehe

  5. way to go mam vernz, gang sa loo, busy ka pa din...cge pagbutihin, kailangan ang 'raise' na iyan...pasko naaaaa!

    Good luck:)


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