Just some flashbacks while scribbling on this post, I remember when I was a kid, I used to tag along with my grandmother in a convent in San Juan, Siquijor then. Just under this grand staircase of the convent was a black grandfather’s clock. I recalled I used to cry every time it struck 6 in the afternoon. It was because I was scared with the tone of the clock; I deem it so spooky that’s why.

I can’t remember anymore how did I resolve that fear of mine, but every time I see a grandfather’s clock, the very picture that will pop out of my mind was that convent in Siquijor, I’m not sure if that clock survived until this very day, but it turned out that I transformed those fears into fascination.

I only owned a wall clock and a table clock so far in my lifetime, but given a chance, if pockets warrant, I would want to own howard miller clocks. We often thought of grand fathers’ clock in rich and stern antique concept, designers might have thought about me, someone who likes this type of clocks but somehow wanted a sleek, modern yet still resembles that European touch.

Then this design is for us, pretty.

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  1. haguy ka busy ba ni grandfather's clock.. humana pud ko ani ate... hihihi!


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