…. A question my daughter thrown to me while piling her clothes on the closet. Why do you ask? It’s here in our book, I just want to know.

Well, life insurance is just a piece of paper that I buy from an insurance company, that when I die it will give you peace of mind. What? That is how important that piece of paper is? Actually, when someone Buy Life Insurance, it’s just a piece of paper that represents the benefits you will be getting just in case something uncalled for happens to me.

It represents an amount of money that it may not be enough till your lifetime, but at least it can be of help to your financial needs.

Ahh, really, so mom, how much will I be getting in case you will die? You bad egg, nothing! Ahh, talking to a six-year old can sometimes be stressful. Well, I might have gotten the meaning across and she understood it since she reacted that way.


  1. vernz ayaw tug ani pila kay basin hiloan ka wahahha i am just jokingggg!

  2. Hehe, wala sa isip ang huling tanong..

  3. hahaha...kuyaw kay hiluan man! pretty smart girl!


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