While cruising the road home yesterday, this metro shuttle bus overshadowed me during the red light, I got paranoid, of all vehicles on the road why this bus, well, please understand where I’m coming from, having been struck by series of unfortunate events involving bus, who wouldn’t.

But take note, I was on my mind grabbing my camera taking photo opp… waaaaahhhh! I’ll go crazy, happy with this blogging world.

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  1. I just love the way you caught the sky on your first shot. Very impressive.

  2. hahahah bahala paranoid picture picture lang gihapon for the sake of blogging lol

  3. ang cute non shadow ng sky .. by the way i have only 1 kid the other two in the pictures was my nieces.

  4. Hehehe. exactly! became a photographer since blogging nakaka paranoid kung minsan but enjoy na man.

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  5. kuyaw ni si titser kay bisan ga drive hala picture jud...ehehehe!


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