I got to meet this ‘long time no hear’ cousin of mine, apparently he was just treading around the city and not once that our roads has crossed, it was only during the birthday of another cousin of ours that we finally talk.
The last time I saw him was during our college days where I supposed I misjudged him of not making it in life being a happy-go-lucky guy. Seemingly, he has proven me wrong, he has gotten rich via the greatest scam of the modern society, (apologies cousin) putting up a business to bottle spring water and several outlets to purify water, not to mention dealing several lines of water filtration gadgets, carbon, charcoal, Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, Infra Red, water ionizers, and a lot more that he blabbed about. One thing was sure he truly has made it through this business.

Well, meetings like this wouldn’t end-up just like that, everyone got to take home freebies from the host of the night, the family event turned out to be like a corporate event, he handed several portable charcoal water filters.. The sad thing is we don’t use filters in our house, our tap water is already as clean as the filtered ones, and I gave mine to some relatives who need it more.

That's the latest happening on this side of town. Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. wow! what a nice idea to start a bizniz...makadato diay ning mamaligya ta ug tubig...eheehehe....:) scam man jud..ehehehe!


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