I was supposed to just let this week pass by missing nostalgia post. I can’t move my butt out of my swivel; I’m dumped with piles of papers that needed to be reviewed. Coincidentally, I was listening to this jazz radio station on my home and this music really caught me. I can’t remember anymore when was the last time I heard this, thanks to Lady Gaga and the gang at home.

It would often took me sometime to remember things, but hearing this it brought back memories of my first piano teacher before so fast. This was the first piano piece I learned back in HS when my mom pushed me to tickle those piano ivories under duress. LOL..

Unfortunately, I can’t play them now. I’m back to square one… hahaha…

It’s nice to live by the meaning of this song; unfortunately the kind of September now is far from mellow. Right?



  1. Oo nga!my golly,it's a first yata to hear that song,sistah^_^

  2. i'm singing the song even before the video downloaded.:p we were singing this in high school.

  3. I remember Mama singing this song hehehe. Namiss ko tuloy si mader ko wahhh..

    Thank you for being a memory lane traveler thru Nostalgia, and being a virtual friend!

  4. nyaahaha imo jud ko gipakatawa Vernz...pag sugod pa lang mikatawa nako...mura man sad ta ani ug giduyan sa heaven ning kantaha oi...hahahaha...nya nice ra ba kaayo ang mga places sa background hehe

    agi ko oi.

  5. Hi Ateh Vernz sowee di me nakadalaw kaninang umaga sleep na us after posting the winner eh.

    Kaw nga sana gusto ko manalo kaso ayaw naman ng na manalo ka..hehehe

    Hayaan mo kapag mura postal padalhan na lang kita. Hahaha

  6. Vernz, thanks for's a mellow old song; but it's a very beautiful one :)

    Sorry for my late visit, have a great day...

  7. Hi Vernz, i'm having problems with my computer and I can't view your video. Sorry din sa late visit ko ha. Na-busy ako.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    My Nostalgia post

  8. mama likes this song...makahinomdom man sad ta sa atong utang ani te...ehhehe!

    sensya na karon lang ko nakadalaw.


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