If you are seriously considering the idea to Apply for a Credit Card, you should go over these information, this would surely be of great help.

According to these Credit Cards get the most advantages than the others.

1. Chase Freedom
Chase Freedom card holders get a 5% cash back, subject to maximum on transactions like home improvement, gas and department store purchases. Chase offer 1% cash back on purchases with no hidden charges, but you can get most out of this card at 20% cash back when you purchase on select online stores using Chase. 

On Top of these, you will enjoy the lowest annual percentage rate when you apply for Chase Freedom $50 cash back card today. They offer 0% interest on balance transfers and six months purchases made through your card.

2. Discover More Card
Discover More Card lets you enjoy life by offering a 5% cash back guarantee on your buys on groceries, travel, gas, home improvement and even dining out. With a Discover More 100$ cash back Card, you will get 1% unlimited cash back on all your purchases, get a 0% APR on purchases made through your card in full 6 months, plus a 0% APR on balance transfers up to 15 months. Discover more with ‘Discover More Card’.

3. Chase Sapphire
When you’re a travel enthusiast and want a life less restricted then go for Chase Sapphire Card. Just by spending $3,000 in the first 3 months, you’ll earn 25,000 bonus points equivalent to a free flight plus you get double points if your book your flight via Chase's Ultimate Rewards. This card allows you to fly on leading airlines at any time since there are no travel limitations or even blackout dates, and on top of it all points never expires.

More than the cards unlimited possibilities are the efficient 24 by 7 customer service, where real people answer your inquiries, no voicemails, no prompts only immediate answer.

4. Chase Slate credit card
If you want a new look for your credit card, then Chase Slate Credit card is for you as it comes in an innovatively vertical design. This card holds the best general credit card accessible in the industry today. This is purposely designed for good paying customers. This card let’s you enjoy a 0% APR up to 12 months. This card comes with a Blueprint feature that allows you to pay your balances faster thus avoiding to pay unnecessary interest.

5. Continental OnePass Plus Card
For those who eat breakfast in New York, meet a friend for lunch in Hong Kong and love to go romantic at Eiffel Tower on dinner, then this card is for you. Making your first purchase with this card earns your automatically 25,000 bonus miles, which means you get to fly round trip for free at any destinations within the United States.

Register an authorize card user within 2 months after opening your account and you get extra 5,000 bonus miles. When you fly Continental, expect the checked bag free along with your companions. Plus using your card in purchasing tickets with Continental Airlines earns you 2 miles for every 1$ you spent, simply earns a mile for each $1 you spent on purchases using your Continental OnePass Plus Card.

6. Iberia Bank Visa
It may not be as famous as its counterparts, but Iberia Bank credit cards offer the lowest interest rate of 7.50% in the industry which means a great savings for the cardholders. This card also offers 0% apr for 12 months on all your purchases.

7. Capital One Platinum Prestige Card
Another hassle-less card is Capital One Platinum Prestige Card. Let’s you get the cash you wanted in just as diminutive time as 48 hours. They also offer a 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers up to 15 months.

With excellent 24-hour travel and emergency assistance centers that are readily accessible that will give assistance for lost, stolen cards or replacements of those at 0$ fraud liability.

8. Chase Ink Cash – Business Card
If you’re operating a business and want to give your employees easy access to getting a credit card, then Chase Ink Cash – Business Card is the best option. This card is tailored to suit the everyday needs of a business operation. This offers an unlimited 1% cash back on all other buys and let’s you get a 3% cash back on fuel, home improvement, dining and moreso on office supplies purchases.

Earning points are limitless; you just have to keep track that by spending a dollar on your purchases online though Chase Rewards Plus you earn 10 points.

9. Orchard Bank Visa/Mastercard
So you have a bad credit? Then Orchard Bank Visa/Mastercard is best for you. This card earns recognition to be best in the industry for those people who have bad credit. They offer the lowest interest rates at 14.9% not so bad for people gaining reputation in the credit sphere.

This card is the best for reconstructing credit scores, it reports to the three major credit card bureaus every month, and allows you to get updates via emails and text messages of your schedule payment dues once you enrolled online. This card is widely accepted at millions of locations wherever there is Visa and MasterCard.

10. Discover Motiva Card
You get more out of Discover Motiva Card when you pay on time. In fact you get a Pay-One-Time Bonus, equivalent to a full month’s interest which will be added to your cash back bonus points.
If shopping makes you feel good then indulge using this card, you get 5 to 20% cash back bonus in over 150 top stores through Discover’s online mall. And on top of everything you get 1% unlimited cash back on all purchases.

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