Chasing this fella just awe me to ponder how this technological wonder made the world so small, made each nation so dependent on each other, made us see the wonders and beauty of the Earth from above, made us understood the world, made us conquer the world. Awesome!

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  1. Terrific captures, Vernz! Love the plane and the skies and you're right about what they have opened up for us to see, to learn about, to experience! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


  2. wow! super nice kaayo imong pagkakuha ate... love it! nice kaayo imong camera ba kay di man mu blurred. haguy ang akong cam basta ingon ani nga naay galakgun mu blurred man..waaaaaaaaaaaah!

    uu ate strikto na si sheriff kinahanglan jud self hosted ug sa wordpress jud... waaaaaaaaaah

  3. Wow cute galing Ateh Vernz bilib talaga ako sa you kung hindi motor, jeep, delivery truck chinichase mo ngayon eroplano na..hahaha.ano kaya sa susunod baka UFO na ..hehehe

    Haist cnxa na hindi ako nakakavisit lagi..busy-busyhan kc ang lola eh.

  4. Actually, I'm still amazed with planes until now! Nice shots, Vernz!

    Keep smilin' and take care!

  5. nice captured vernz, love seeing the sky and plane!

  6. haha sa unang pic, nangita ko asa ang plane..sus kay naa man diay kasunod...

    kaabtik sa imo finger mo click Vernz...nice kaayo pagka sunod-sunod...sundugon daw nako na be hahaha

  7. ko bongga aning imong pictorial sa airplane te...ehehehe! great shots....:)


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