There’s actually no point comparing my childhood games with my children’s games today, I know for a fact we’ve live this part of our lives in a different space and time, truly from my perspective it has shifted from physical games to sedentary ones.

We used to build our own play house before, using the combination of brain, arms and leg work you have to wander around looking for some things to build up that play house. But now no matter how I tried to rationalize the idea of ‘you get out and run around’ instead of playing dress up games on the computer, seems like nobody’s around, the girl is into fashion games, Barbie games, bridal games, the boys are into psp, ds, they even bought this steering wheel that can be connected to the pc for their 'Need for Speed 'game. This is now the new face of fun, spending time changing clothes, changing look, why wouldn't you try, hmmmm, I wonder how Lady Gaga would look like in traditional Filipino Terno.

I think this phenomenon is inevitable, I just have to chew it.

Tata, thanks for dropping by on this side of town.


  1. The songs have come to pass, as have the games, the toys, and the dreams. So little I remember from my childhood is relevant to children today, but when we still can engage their hearts and minds, perhaps we do not take it personally if they treat our memories with benign neglect...

    Malipayong Pasko. Salamat kaayo for the blogpost

  2. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

    This is a very nice and funny game. I am sure my kids would love this one. Thanks for the link.


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