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I’ve always been amazed with the wonders technology brings, in fact when my brother brought home his new iPhone, which I envied much since I cannot afford, I’ve dropped jaw with my eyeballs popping when he bragged off his app, showing a beer draining off his phone, awesome feature!

The thing is, he can’t get enough of his new phone now, and I knew it he’s just another human being got carried away by this iPhone app vogue. I should know better.

Well, if you’re into same emotional plane as my kiddo bro here, I’m bringing you Holiday cheers! Did you know that you can create your own iPhone app with App.Cat? Theirs is an amazing service that you can make your own apps in just 7 minutes. First you have to visit then choose from their 30 professional app designs fit for your personality or business entity and then load your email and communicate with Kitty via emails on what to do next, and whalla your iPhone app is done.

It’s totally all in one, your name, your business logo, galleries for those who have online stores, blog from anywhere or simply surprise your friends at Facebook, Twitter or email by showing them your self-made apps.

And the best part App.Cat apps are totally free, it works anywhere at anytime even without connection, and take note it’s free from iTunes censorship.

Can’t get enough of App.Cat? Watch this video how this awesome application works.#sp

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  1. hi ate! nag email ko sa imo bag o lang. hope u check it out. mwah! :)

  2. mau pa dire da kay pinangga pa ni V2...hehhehe!


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