I’m really having a hard time right now with my g key; I need to put more pressure when pressing it, yeah! I know some kinda hardware problem, can’t afford to buy a new laptop right now I should solve this problem after Christmas…. Meantime, I was absent last Thursday for nostalgia, my cerebrum is not serving me right, and how come I can’t remember anything…lol… I refused too.. Information overload maybe… ngek…

But I’m making up this week, soweee mami Rose… here’s my share..

My kids all look the same when they’re of this age that I made albums with different colors with their names on the cover to tell the difference. I love it when they’re babies since they can’t get out of the house without me, but times is slowly changing, sometimes I only got a note on the fridge telling me they’re out. OK fine go!

Love it sometimes eating alone with no pressure of cooking something… hahahah!

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  1. aw! ka cute kaayo sa imong baby boy ate! ingon pa ni sydelle cute daw c bb boy... hehehe!

    haguy ka luoy ba nimo diha ate nga ga antus sa kagahi ni letter g.. hehehe! pag buy nalang ug keyboard nga usb ate... mao man na akong gihimo diri... nagpalit nalang ko kay wa na na opaw na ang mga keys sa akong laptop... hehehe!

  2. te please check out my email diay ha... thankies! mwah!

  3. Ahak sarap kurut kurutin ng cheeks na yan hehehe.. I must admit, I miss the times when my kids were babies too ate. Ngayon kasi sumasagot sagot na grrr hahaha..

  4. what a happy baby! no wonder my SIL wanted her kids to stay with me all the time when they were in grade school. natak-an siguro.:P i always tell my nephews that they were cute when they were babies, hindi na ngayon kc tao na sila. LOL

  5. What a lovely baby smile :)
    I think I'll take pictures of my kid on every age step...

    Thanks for dropping by...

  6. What a cute kid!

    Christmas blessings to you and best wishes for the new year.

  7. awwwwwwwwwwww...what a cutie....mao ni youngest nimo te?


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