One of the challenges in surviving in the tropics is to know how to deal with balmy environment. For a country where electricity charge is the highest in Asia, one should consider some alternatives to reduce the amount on the electricity bills. Air conditioners are the best in terms of cooling potential; however, it is also the most indulgent in terms of electricity consumption so in our case the best option is to use Ceiling Fans, stand fans or any other cooling gadget that consumes electricity the lowest.
This is the time to be frugal, it is encouraged that we use Ceiling Fan instead of using voracious air conditioners, more than saving, it can also be our way of putting our share in saving Mother Earth.

So convinced? Now Find out who makes the Best Ceiling Fans here!

I suggest you visit Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans, they have the widest variety of ceiling fans available in the blogosphere today, so varied that there is always one available for every room atmosphere you have, the above pink fan is just one of the loveliest available in their inventory, perfect for my daughter's room, their items are all guaranteed quality at the lowest prize you can get, and the happy thing is that they ship free.

So choose one for your room now!


  1. agoy pagkagwafa ani nga fan te...nice sya...ehehehe! pretty well said...:)

    btw, sensya na karon lang nakatugbong tawon..busy lang jud ang life...hope all is well...:)

    salamat sa email..magreply rako puhon...blog hop sako ha...mwah!

  2. Nyahahah yan na yan ang ceiling fan sa room ni rye, iba iba nga lang ang kulay ng blades hehehe..

    Ate.. ca you please email me your home add if you don't mind. Thanks a lot!

  3. aw! gusto nako nga ceiling fan ate! im sure ganahan pud si sydelle ani kay pink... apil pud dayon iyang lola... lol!

  4. Oh wow, pink na pink! hehehe. I like it.

    Psst. Congrats diay, you are the winner of my $20 Paypal cash giveaway. Hope you got my email today.

  5. haguy ka lovely ba, as in, cute kaayo...gusto nako ni sa kong kwarto dah! waaaaaaaa

    oi Baje...CONGRATS!!!!! asa man ta ani, nga naka daug man ka ug $20.00 hehehe.

    Congrats bitaw oi hehehe


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