O heavens, grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I know I can, but I just can’t, and the wisdom to hide my feelings, the lines in my face, the remains of those I had to exterminate because they nauseatingly pissed me off, lol.….. Sorry about this, just can’t find a place other than our bathroom to vent this off … this is my blog…nyahahahah! Anyway sharing this with Smiling Sally.

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  1. Funny, but I am currently camouflaging the same sentiment inside me. ano ba yan?!! ha ha..
    oh well, I have this once in a while..

  2. alam mu bang pinaka as in pinaka favorite kong quotes iyan:)))...bigla naiba un dulo...kala ko nagka major major change ndin, :))))

    puso mo mam vernz, pasko na, pagbigyan mo na un mga nagpapainit ng ulo mo,...baka nag aantay ng regalo:)))

    eto pa isang post ko, maisingit na din:)))

  3. I don't understand all of what you say ... but why hide your feelings? Be angry if you are, be happy when you are, don't be sad because you have feelings ... imagine a life without feelings ...
    I also have a moon for Blue Monday :)

  4. Pretty picture. I'm sorry you're unhappy.

    Happy Blue Monday, Vernz!

  5. Amen to that ate... You must have a lot of patience ate kasi when I am mad, it shows, I could never hide it lol..

  6. I have that same verse hanging in my bedroom. I need to read it more often. Nice sharing of the blues today.

  7. The photograph is lovely, but it sounds like your day has been difficult. I hope it gets better. Try to enjoy all that Blue Monday brings your way. Blessings...Mary

  8. kuyaw pod ka te kay sa CR man diay imong hiding place...ehehehe! sos woi, ipalabas imong gibati...bug-at imong dughan ana permi.

  9. You are still young Mam Vernz oi. Your face is still smooth and shiny. :)


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