The last time I received an award like this was, I can’t remember anymore. Thanks to Mommy Carinamodella of MJM: The Ilumin Siblings for the thought, so sweet of you.

So 7 things about me?
  1. I can spend hours squatting cross legged at the literary winner section of any bookstore, as I cannot do that on the children’s lane…
  2. I can only dye my hair with henna – I’m born poor you know, lol
  3. I have two dead toe nails I disguise it often with red or black polish … you know the bitchy type…
  4. I romanticize Christian Bautista… ewwww!
  5. I dream of appearing in ‘The Amazing Race’ I don’t care if I’m the first one to be eliminated.
  6. I dream of posting a wish note at Prague’s Wishing Wall – Lord of Heavens take into your arms your good and obedient servant (M…..L’s name) and bestow blessings to those who wished to live a life back here on Earth. Amen.
  7. Lastly, I was my hair every other day; I love to scratch my head while thinking of something to write …. Such a gross habit … just say ewwww…. But loving the feeling.

This is a violation to the rule I think, but I’m still scratching my head to whom will I pass this… tata, thanks everyone for dropping by on this side of town.


  1. Yay congratulations AteV, am guilty about this award kasi daming nagbigay sakin di ko pa napopost wahhh.. So busy here on my side. Natawa ako dun sa "Tiger" comment mo lol..

  2. Oppps I meant to include that pareho tayong dreaming of being an amazing race contestant lol, pwede tayong dalawa ang partner lol..

  3. agree w/ rose, haven't done any post bout the award, coz im stuck as to whom am i gonna tag:)

    think i enjoyed all those 7 things bout u. i had fun w/ the "christian bautista"-thing! lol and lol...but then, what's with the #6 post, hmmm, i smell something sinister here, wahhh (IMRIZ)

  4. Indeed you are one stylish blogger miss Vernz... I actually got another stylish award for you here!

  5. hahaha...at least ikaw te nangatol wala ni tugpa nga kaspa...sos ako tawon super flaky kau....lol! sensya na kay gikaspa ko...hahaha!

    manghawoy man sad ta anang crossed-leg te...ehehehe!

    bitchy type man jud...ako romanticize te kay si sanzoe...hehehehe...lol!

    thanks for sharing some facts about you...glad to know....:) I violated the rules too...mwah!

  6. congrats :) and happy to read things about you :)


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