I was chatting with this friend of mine at FB last night; she too is a blogger trying to make it here. She has been blogging long before I knew how to change templates and all that. Call it blogging burn-out, in the end she slowed down after some years of running and running, meeting deadlines, burning her butt out, cracking her head off concocting 15 stories, articles in a day in exchange of dollars in her paypal.

Her story actually made me realized, life in the internet is most demanding than the physical one, I swear, try leaving your blog unattended for two days and it will be forgotten in no time. I would say money is quick in this sphere, there’s plenty of opportunity for everyone, you can rake aplenty from Online Casinos, you can click ads ‘till you drop, you can write endlessly, your choice of site and currency all you need is time and a courage to run, and run and run, just like a hamster not knowing when to stop.


  1. Very true. Kaya parang sometimes you really need to be passionate about blogging so you can go on and on. Otherwise, parang paulit ulit na lang tapos mawawalan na ng gana :(

  2. youre definitely Maam! hehehe... bitaw ate oi kung dili bitaw nato passion ang mag blog na once ma undangan dili na dayon ta ganahan mupadayon.. :(

  3. mao jud guts no glory pod ang blogging...eheheh!

    mau pa si casino dre kay nagwala...eehhehe!


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