Spewing has died down, some momma rants on this side of town.

One calm evening, the eldest among the brood brought home a notice from the school library stating this eye popping figures of overdue/unreturned books.

I understand the thrill of reading and I’m so glad my kids had this kind of interest in books. However, I guess every moms first reaction seeing a P300.00 statement for overdue books, that’s too much, at least to me.

‘Ok, fine, I’ll take that, but you’ll go penniless for three school days’…
‘Mom, you’re starvin’ a bookworm’,

‘Whatever, go find some leaves’

Actually, this scenario is not new to me, I can see myself in him, where I also have to go through penniless days during my college days as I have to pay my overdue books at the library, now I understand why my mom then nagged on me too.

But did you know that there are services online that enables you to borrow books without the hassle of going to the library? In fact, not only paperbacks, children’s books but audio books as well. All you have to do is sign up and browse on their thousands of selections, select your plan, pay and wait for your books as it will be delivered right at your doorstep.

If you choose Netflix for Books they guarantee no due dates and late fees. And if you become a member, you can receive notices of your favorite author’s new releases, all complete with books reviews and ratings. So why waste some of your precious time taking a trip to the library when you can borrow books at the convenience of your home.

How I wish my son’s library offer such service too. It sure would save me much energy.

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  1. hahhahaha...kuyaw ni si mama kay ngita man ta ug dahon...unsa man patay or buhi nga dahon?


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