Viva! Pit Senyor! I remember shouting these on the streets of Cebu too back in 1998.

There were many times have that I had gone back to Cebu after that year though, but that was the last time that me and my husband has joined the sea of humanity celebrating Sinulog of Cebu.
Just how tourists take a shot of the famed Cebu Basilica
I was reading yesterday’s paper featuring some events on a rainy Sinulog celebration, but that did not deter the faithfuls of Sto. Nino to go out and stride the streets of Cebu amid downpour. Indeed, if you are looking for some fun pilgrimage, then Sinulog is the event to be. Save every second week of January to go to Cebu. 
Just one of the hyper moments seeing the Sto. Nino. Viva! Pit Senyor!
It was tiring though as there were no transports on the major streets as you have to walk all the way around town, but that is how Sinulog is; prepare to hike around town in your water jug and backpacks.

It was real, clean fun.

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  1. wow! chuy2x kaayo ka te sa imong attire... hehehe! love it! :)

  2. Ganda nga ng attire mo dyan ate heheh... Di pa ako nakaattend ng mga ganito ate, sa local place lang namin..

  3. Sus wala pa jud ko kaapil aning mga ing ani sa te Vhernz hahaist. Hehehe

  4. wow 1998 hehe andyan na ako sa cebu, first year college pa ako that year sa UC hehe.

    I miss the sinulog na as in.

  5. Hi ate, nalink ko na to kanina pa hehehe..

    Ano pala yung duol saka apil hehehe..

  6. i have never seen the sinulog sa cebu... pista man gud sa amoa na sinulog so mamista jud ko sa amo no lol

  7. Great place and event...
    Thanks for dropping by :)

  8. wow! pit senior! sos ka bibo kau sa sinulog....:) spoting kau ka te sa picture...ehehehe!

  9. I've never been to Cebu and it's one place na gusto ko talagang puntahan kasi yan ang birthplace ng mom ko and marami kaming relatives dun na hindi ko pa na meet. Hope to visit the place someday and experience sinulog na rin. :)

  10. never been to cebu, i wish makapasyal din minsan.. teka, 1998 pa, hihi, i love looking at your old photos.. nostalgic talaga..

  11. there were a lot of drizzle at this year's sinulog as i saw it on tv, pero di tlg humupa ang devotees hano.

    visiting fr nostalgia khit late :)))


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