I’m not in luck today, I just garbaged my blogging hard earned P20, lol, as they say better luck next time. Megalotto winning numbers for Jan 10, 2011 were 43-29-20-19-35-45 with supposedly just 4.5M as jackpot prize, as you can see it did not match my numbers, that’s sad.

Anyway, if you’re a bit like me peeping some out of the blue chances to pocket sizable amount of money without spending even just a little capital, then you can opt for doing it online, it is more fun and thrilling than waiting for those numbered balls thrown up in the air. There are Online casinos with big bonuses and you can play even without deposit.

So bet on your luck, who knows it’s your day.


  1. grabe perte jud nakong taya katong dako ug prize ang Grand lotto.. after ato, wala na pud nitaya.. :)

  2. i am also dreaming to be a millionaire. LOL.

    Hope you can comment on my post sis,

    thanks so much.

  3. hehehe adtong new year kay wa may dula sa lotto, mipalit na lang ko kadtong tag 20 scratch card bitaw, nya i-match nimo 3 kabuok...hahahaha naka match ko ug worth 100.00 ra pod, pero okay ra kay ako 20.00 naa tubo nga 80.00 hahahahaha

  4. hay naku kelan kaya tayo mananalo hehehe


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