Teaching children to be independent can sometimes be scary.

I did some self-inventory sometime ago, I realized my mothering strategies were just too-guarded so I had shifted to a more care-free type, giving kids their freedom (if there such a word if you’re still a child), but sometimes it’s so scary.

Well, other than letting them memorize our home’s phone number, their names and other household names, I coached them to approach circumstance with confidence, knowing what to do, how to do, where to go….

And this little guy did a parallel run of this social technology I was talking about, it scared me to death …. Waaaaahhhh, he went all by himself to buy chips… note: without money but he managed to get one.

The next thing I know the lady at the store was already following him to collect the pay for his chips… ‘Kaloka!”
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  1. waaaaa...hahahhaa...wala! na ako pod te...OA ra daw kuno ko ingon ni goryo...hahaha!

  2. LOL at your kid te vernz..

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    Im..but GAGAY.
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  3. Waahahahaha!!!! I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!! Ang kuleetttt... Hehehe

  4. Hmmm, maabilidad sya ha. ;) Happy Ruby.

    Maria @ LSS

  5. that's the flip side of gaining independence...sana naturuan din sila HUMINGI NG DATUNG, nyehehe

    kakatuwa nman:)))

  6. Wahhh we had an argument about that ni hubs the other week ate.. Masyado ko daw ginugwardyahan si Rye.. Wahhhhatttt??? Natural lang noh lol..

  7. LOL! you may wake up morning with a line of maniningil outside your door. i salute his power of persuasion.:p talent yon ha!

  8. LOL...especially for moms!!! But not for the toddler who wants and needs the independence. No wonder we moms turn gray in such a short time. Sweet photo.

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  9. Hehehe that's something else he is good in sales talk. Happy Wednesday!

  10. people's park ba ito? i have the same pic taken when my nephew is running around. scary but to see him enjoying the wide area, its good to see. cheers!


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