I was watching this TV show called ‘Balikbayan’ hosted by Drew Arellano aired at QTV here, the place they explored was London. Well I have been seeing lots of movies, documentaries with London as setting, but nothing beats a Filipino hosting it and seeing things around London from a Filipino tourist perspective.
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 I love it especially when he highlighted the idea of touring around London on a budget, squeezing himself in a small london apartments, well there can be great places to stay in London, but for a tourist on a budget it was a wise choice he made giving his viewers clear idea on where and how to book a good place, eat good food, see great places on a budget. It made me wished more to see Europe. Good job ‘Balikbayan’.


  1. kaadto nako sa London Vernz, pero sa airport ra..nyahahah...hasta jud hinoong gwapuha ila airport...pag taak jud nako sa ila airport, ingon ko sus, naa na jud ko sa Briton meet ra ko sa Ninang ni Janjan didto habang hulat mi sa amo flight papuntang naka suroy pa ko didto gamay, kaya lang pakiramdam nako, hasta nakong gamaya...sige ra ko hangad aning mga Briton didto nyahahaha.

  2. agoy one of my dreams is to visit london...:) kuyog ka te? hehehehe!

  3. I've been wanting to watch "Balikbayan." but i always forget about it...aga ko rin kasi antukin haha! they feature lots of beautiful places. feels like you've been there too :D
    thanks for following my blogs Vernz!

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