When I started blogging a year ago, not even in my wildest dream that this phenomenon will be so much part of my life’s everydayness. I started with one blog, and then eventually add another and another and if not because of my offline schedules I could have made more. True, it’s so addicting.

And for those who wish to get hitched with blogging, I suggest you get your own domain before anything else, as the feeling is like getting a house before raising a family, and if you are confused on which web hosting service to contract, there are quite a number of  web hosting hub that present various reviews on major and reliable web hosting providers the internet have today, here you can see the technical specifications and services each host offer which will reduce your anxiety over this choosing matter.

And once you have you blog flown, stuff it up with thoughts and pictures that encourage others to come back again. Make friends and be passionate about it.

Who knows you can reap award for your writing efforts, in fact, this blog has made it to PEBA awards in 2010 (with the help of my blogging friends around of course!) which came a surprise to me for I never really expected it. It’s a rewarding feeling. So get unto the blogging bandwagon now, tag me for links OK?

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